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The Action Plan for the People, a project of the Oregon Center for Public Policy, is the product of a year’s worth of research and deep conversations with community partners about the policies that can advance economic justice in Oregon. Our goal with this document is to put forward policy solutions that reflect community priorities and make Oregon’s economy more just and equitable.


Many of the conversations we held were with organizations representing Black, Indigenous and other communities of color — and with good reason. This nation’s long history of exploitation and exclusion, as well as on-going discrimination, mean that these communities often face greater economic obstacles. Justice demands that we address these inequities head on. At the same time, public policies that lift up Black and brown communities are the very same kind of policies that lift up all Oregonians struggling to make ends meet.


Having set out the structural reforms to Oregon’s economy that will help all Oregonians thrive, we now turn to the campaigns and legislation needed to make this vision a reality. In the cases of establishing a guaranteed income program and reforming Oregon’s kicker, we intend to catalyze community conversations and long-term campaigns. We will work with partners to craft specific policy reforms that can become law. In other instances, we will provide research and support to community partners leading campaigns that advance our shared vision of an economically just Oregon.


This Action Plan focuses on actions Oregon lawmakers, the Governor, and Oregonians themselves can take. While our efforts will primarily be at the state level, we recognize that achieving economic justice requires progress at every level of government, including federal, regional, and local governments.  


We all have a role to play to make this Action Plan happen. We must come together and fight to advance economic justice in our state — to ensure that all Oregonians can live in dignity. 


If you would like to learn more about this Action Plan and how we are advancing these policies, please contact Daniel Hauser, the Oregon Center for Public Policy’s Director of Strategic Policy Projects, at


A note on our funders

This work is made possible in part by the support of the Stoneman Family Foundations, Meyer Memorial Trust, Sandler Foundation, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555, AFT Oregon, The Collins Foundation, and by the generous support of organizations and individuals.

The Center is a part of the State Priorities Partnership ( and the Economic Analysis and Research Network (


We thank the many community partners who served as collaborators and thought-partners in the development of this Action Plan. Inclusion below should not be taken as an endorsement of this Action Plan, but as appreciation for the wisdom and advice they provided:


  • Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon

  • Basic Rights Oregon

  • Capaces Leadership Institute

  • Causa

  • Coalition of Communities of Color

  • Community Alliance of Tenants

  • Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon

  • Fair Shot for All

  • Family Forward

  • Forward Together

  • Innovation Law Lab

  • Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization

  • Latino Network

  • Native American Youth and Family Center

  • Neighborhood Partnerships

  • Northwest Health Foundation

  • Northwest Workers Justice Project

  • Oregon American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations

  • Oregon American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 75

  • Oregon Education Association

  • Oregon Environmental Council

  • Oregon Food Bank

  • Oregon Housing Alliance

  • Oregon School Employees Association

  • Our Children Oregon

  • Partners for Hunger-Free Oregon

  • Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste

  • Rural Organizing Project

  • Service Employees International Union Local 503

  • Tax Fairness Oregon

  • Unite Oregon

  • United Food and Commercial Workers

  • University of Oregon Labor Education and Research Center

  • Urban League of Portland

  • Verde


The Action Plan for the People: How to Build Economic Justice in Oregon was created by the Oregon Center for Public Policy. The Oregon Center for Public Policy’s mission is to achieve economic justice for all Oregonians through research, analysis, and advocacy.


More information on the Oregon Center for Public Policy is available here.​

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